Wicked Wise Words for Valentine’s Day

from Scroobius Pip:

Valentine’s Day

My tip for Valentine’s Day is simple.

Don’t busy yourself with other people’s business/actions.

If you’re in a relationship and into Valentine’s Day, wicked. Have an ace time as it can be really really lovely.

If you’re in a relationship and not into Valentine’s, that’s also wicked. It’s a Sunday this year and Sunday’s are pretty great themselves so just enjoy that and don’t rant about people being “sucked in by a commercial blah blah blah”. Just enjoy your own day.

If you’re single, then that’s also wicked. There’s literally nothing wrong with being single. Don’t make the mistake that there is. So try not to waste your time moaning about either of the above two other options because that’s just choosing to be miserable or stressed about something. Which seems like a ridiculous choice. And it’s also kind of getting stressed about other people being happy. Which is a bit of a dickhead move in itself. Do something you enjoy. Watch a film or two, read a book, pig out, whatever. Enjoy a lovely Sunday.

That’s about that really.


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